Friday, February 25, 2011

Interview with Mary Beeson

Just a couple randoms to start

Favorite Color?

Lucky Number?
13, It's the day I was born and has always been lucky for me.

Habits that help and habits that hurt your writing.
Having coffee on hand at all times seems to help. I have a coffee maker on my desk just so that I don't have to get up!
Having someone else around when I'm trying to work definitely hurts. I find myself easily distracted, even if the person isn't in the room with me.

What words or phrases do you tend to over use.
'Just' is a big one. I had to keep going back and deleting that word over and over. I know I used it way too much and don't want to take a guess at how many times it is used in the book.

The Blood Moon Of Winter

Taking the quote "I love books because they are easier than people.", do you find this to be true with you?
I don't know many readers that wouldn't agree with that statement. Characters in a book are easier to understand. Most times, you can see inside their heads or get a true feel for how and who they truly are. If only real people were that easy.

Wine seems to be mentioned a lot. Are you a wine fan or is wine going to be an underlying theme?
Oh I love wine. I toured around New Zealand a few years back, going to the wineries and several tastings. I rarely drink it but am definitely a fan.

When I write I am picky about important dates. Does January 2nd mean something to you?
Actually, the date itself didn’t have meaning. I was trying to find (based on the calendar) dates that coincided with Christmas Eve and New Years Eve being on a Friday. Going by that, I was able to discerne that in 2010 that would happen. So I used those dates. I found it rather strange that this year, we actually experienced a blood moon only 2 days after I called it out in my book. And no, I did not know back in 2008 that it would happen.

Read the entire interview here.

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